Vamzdinės distiliuojant skiltyje distiliuotas įranga su vario grynojo alkoholio gamybai namuose gaminamas brendis, viskis, degtinė moonshine

€64.50 €67.89
  • c250
  • Yra sandėlyje

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  • Prekės Pavadinimas: DIBOSH
  • pavadinimas 1: Namų Distiliuotojui
  • pavadinimas 3: Viskis Distiliuotojui
  • Spalva: sidabrinė
  • Medžiaga: SUS 304
  • Naudojimas: Alkoholio Gaminimo
  • vardas, pavardė 2: Brandy Distiliavimo Įranga
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • pavadinimas 4: Degtinės Gamybos Mašinos

Žymos: alaus homebrew, pirkti vario distiliuotojui, large beer brewing, gyvenimo vandens distiliuotojui, distiling distiliavimas, stiklo alkoholio distiliuotojui, skiltyje distiliuojant 2, trumpas distiliavimo rinkinys, užvirinti alų, moonshin.

On the account of shops and the seller, everything is super. Everything came intact. The quality is excellent. Put the copper mesh (RPN) 2 meters. Shipping is super fast. Everything is packed neatly and reliably. Very satisfied with the order. The only and strong grief delivered to me, the customs of my country. Not only did she take money for the tax, and for the registration of the Declaration 28 euros. And all together flew out 59 euros plus. So after that, I still had to write an explanation for what I need this device for. Marazm .... And in conclusion, the seller and the store recommend!
Anyav 95
Thanks for the product, good communication!
Lobo93 Ac
С виду довольно прилично. В действии не знаю. Качество отличное...Доставка 12 дней.
V Uzun136
The goods were delivered in two weeks by courier. To my questions, the seller answered quickly, the package is double. hard and soft. The quality is excellent. Recommend. The seller and magozin are good.

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